For over 20 years, Paragon Consulting Group has delivered quality solutions for a wide range of environmental engineering, land-use planning and permitting, water-resources and geohydrology issues. Our clients tell us they value our responsiveness, our professional expertise and experience, and our ability to design innovative and cost-effective solutions that match customer needs. We’ve built our business with repeat customers and client referrals.

Our mission: Be a paragon of service, quality, and innovation.


At Paragon, we demonstrate our commitment to customer service in many ways. We strive to complete projects on time and within budget. We develop business-oriented solutions based on a “big-picture” view of projects and a value-engineering approach to resolving issues. We ensure that our staff have the expertise and experience necessary to meet our clients’ needs. We can mobilize specialized equipment, personnel, and technical support from our two locations to provide cost-effective and timely response to specific project requirements.

As an employee-owned business, when you work with Paragon, you can count on the service you get from talking with the boss.


Quality people and quality processes produce quality solutions and are the foundation of customer service. Both as individuals and as a group, Paragon professional staff maintain high professional competency. We include a broad range of major engineering and scientific disciplines and certifications; a deep understanding of land-use planning, due diligence, permit entitlement, and community engagement; and highly trained environmental technicians. Our staff regularly attend training in various environmental and geohydrological disciplines and perform ongoing review of key local, state, and federal regulations.

We developed quality control/quality assurance policies and procedures that guide management and technical functions on all our projects. We emphasize informed and responsible performance of project duties, from general labor through engineering to administration.


Paragon’s reputation was founded on and is maintained by our ability to formulate innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet clients’ needs. We begin by listening carefully to a client in order to understand client wants and needs to accomplish with a particular project and what budget is available for a solution. We then develop a solution based on our expertise and experience, industry technology, and relevant regulations.

Our goal is to provide a solution that most efficiently and appropriately resolves a specific environmental engineering, water-resources or geohydrological issue, working within a business-oriented perspective.