Quality control is a critical responsibility for all employees at Paragon Consulting Group. We are known for informed and responsible performance of duties by everyone working on a project, from general labor through engineering to administration. Quality control policies and procedures were developed for each project stage, from collection of field data through review of final reports and designs. We employ a rigorous document review process intended to provide first class opinions and documents to our clients.

Field Services

Field Procedures Manual

A field procedures manual was developed to provide direction to staff and allow for accurate documentation of field services.

  • Field data is assembled and checked by project engineering personnel prior to data consideration for site characterization.
  • Site characterization work and design tasks are reviewed by senior management personnel to assure technical accuracy and conformance to client objectives.
  • Lead engineers and scientists submit documents to the project manager and the quality control manager for review.

Field SOPs

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) were developed for various tasks so that consistent quality information can be obtained for a variety of project sites.

  • The SOPs serve as guidelines for project managers, project engineers, and scientists to provide direction to Paragon field personnel.
  • These flexible SOPs accommodate the variations that exist among projects in such things as state regulations and site conditions.

Management and Technical Functions

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Program

Management and technical functions operate under Paragon’s Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) policy and procedures.

The project manager is responsible for quality control. The following elements of quality control are addressed during each project:

  • Operational procedures
  • Qualifications of personnel
  • Condition and accuracy of all project instruments and equipment
  • Standard materials
  • Statistical evaluations
  • Supervisory review of technical procedures and documents
  • Use of control standards for evaluation of all project activities
  • Sample identification, protection, chain-of-custody, storage, and disposition
  • Data recording, identification, security, checking, routing, filing, and disposition

Review Process for Reports. Permits, and Designs

Paragon uses a two-step review process to produce reports and designs. The work product is typically first reviewed by the project manager and then by the principal-in-charge.